Importance of Good Customer Communication

Customer Communication

It It takes four time the cost to acquire a customer than it is to retain one. Good communication with your clients can go a long way in retaining your customer. Poor communication will lead to losing your client to your competition. Customers always wanted to be treated with respect and feel that the business I out to give them the best. Communication affects both sales and profitability.
Communication affects our day to day lives, but for a small business, this is very important. There are two types of communication;
-One way communication. This is where the business send out message without expecting any reply from the client. This I important when the company want to convey to prospects on their products and services, one example of one way communication is advertising.
-Two way communication. This is where the clients can respond to the business. This include face to face, through the phone or social media. Social media has gained the top spot in two way communication. This is due to the ease and the client can communicate with the business back-and-forth.
Both types are important for any business. When the business can effectively communicate to potential clients about their products and services they can turn them to customers. This will help both the client and business. The client gets all the information required about a certain product or service, while the company makes a sale.
Most clients want a business they feel the most comfortable with and trust. Communication goes a long way in building this trust. A customer always wants to know as much as possible about a product before purchasing it. Suppliers also will love doing transactions with your business

Good communication affects all the aspect of the business. Having a good communication will be a boost to your business.

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